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The basis for a Rambler Vehicles Build is the vehicle itself. While we primarily work with Toyota’s (only due to their popularity) we have access to all makes and models. We source the vehicle on your behalf and handle all the logistics of transport and registration.

Design Your Build

We work with you to design your build through discussing what you want to use the vehicle for, you must haves and your wants. From here we price up the build and offer feedback based upon our experiences. Our goal is to build the right vehicle for your needs – we are not about “Game Changing Builds”. Our goal is practicality at a price that is reasonable.

Move to Purchase

Once the make, model and trim level of the vehicle and the build specifications has been finalised we move to the order stage. We take care of all aspects of the ordering process from the vehicle itself trough to the accessories and vehicle transport. We provide clear timeframes from the arrival of the vehicle, workshop booking times and build process.

We require an initial 10% deposit to order the vehicle with a further 50% deposit once the vehicle arrives at the dealership. The balance is due 72 hours prior to delivery.

The Build

This is the stage where it all comes together!
At this point in the process we review the build specification with you and the time frame – this is our final opportunity to make any changes.

Great care is taken by our team to protect your vehicle from damage during the build process – we treat each vehicle like its own. We communicate with you throughout the build ensuring you are up to date with progress including photos.

Each step of the build is checked off by the tradesman doing the work plus our workshop foreperson. Finally, the vehicle is put through an additional quality assurance process – this is to make sure every detail has been covered – this final process includes test driving your new vehicle (more than just around the block!) and a professional detail. When you pick up your new Rambler it is ready for adventure!


At the end of the build process we arrange a full walk through and handover of the vehicle. If you are local to us we do this in person – if the car is being shipped we do this via FaceTime® or Skype®.

This handover covers the vehicle itself (like a dealer handover) as well as explanation and demonstration of the fitted accessories.


We understand that many of our customers have existing finance arrangements either direct with a bank or via brokers. We are happy to work with these relationships and can provide  the documentation required to assist them in making your dream a reality.

Given that our Rambler builds are considered outside the box for many lenders we do have access to a Finance Broker who is familiar with our products and trading terms. Should you wish to look at lending options please let us know and we can put you in touch.

The vehicle itself is covered by the manufacturers warranty period and conditions. Any part of the vehicle that we modify and/or accessory that we fit is covered by us. We offer a 3 year/100,000km warranty on all after market accessories. 

The advantage of purchasing a Rambler Vehicle is we offer a nationwide support network and a central contact point. We assist in locating the nearest vehicle dealer to you as well as the booking process for any manufacturer related concerns. Our accessory range is primarily backed through the national network of TJM 4×4 Equipped stores and again we assist in the booking process for any concerns.

We want happy customers nationwide and understand that when things go wrong you want fast service to rectify you issue – this is our priority.

We register the vehicle on your behalf in Queensland or New South Wales. 

Other states will require you to take the vehicle to your local transport department to register the vehicle. In these cases we provide you with the documents that you require to make the process simple.

All of our builds are done in Brisbane, Queensland however we can ship nationally. 

We utilise the services of Prixcar to transport your new car to either your nearest depot or your door depending upon you needs. This process is not expensive with shipping  starting from $600 to Sydney, $900 to Melbourne and $1900 to Perth. This can be quoted as part of your build.

We have some brands such as TJM 4×4 Equipped, Lightforce and Rhino Rack that are preferred brands, however we have no exclusive arrangements. Our priority is to our customers and building the vehicle to their needs.

We have access to all leading brands and are happy to source a customers preferred parts. We do offer advise to clients when we feel a product may not be fit for purpose however as we carry the warranty on the build.

We do reserve the right to refuse to fit products that may breach copy-write laws, not be road legal or may pose a safety risk to our clients.

We can offer a trade in service – this is handled by a third party.

1.1 The Purchase Price of the motor vehicle is the amount shown as “Total Purchase Amount”,
1.2 The customer agrees that a deposit equal to 10% of the “Total Purchase Amount” is due within 7 day of this contract. A further 50% of the “Total Purchase Amount” is due once the vehicle arrives into the Brisbane (QLD AUST) port (7 days notice will be provided). Balance is due 72 hours prior to delivery.
1.3 The Purchase Price may be varied if before the delivery of the motor vehicle, there is a change in the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended retail price, statutory charges or applicable taxes and duties, The Dealer shall give the Customer written notice of any variation in the Purchase Price. If the Purchase Price is varied due to an increase in the recommended retail price, the Customer may rescind this Contract any time within three (3) days after receipt of the written notice of the variation.
2.1 Rambler Vehicles (“The Dealer) shall use its best endeavours to acquire the motor vehicle by the estimated delivery date, but shall not be liable to the Customer for any damage or loss whatsoever arising either directly or indirectly from any such delay or failure of delivery,
2.2 The Customer shall take delivery of the motor vehicle at the Dealer’s premises within seven (7) days of the Dealer notifying the Customer that the motor vehicle is available for delivery.
2.3 The Customer acknowledges that the estimated delivery date is based upon the information available at the time of order and is not guaranteed, the Customer may not rescind this Contract due to a change in delivery date.
3.1 At or before taking delivery of the motor vehicle the Customer shall pay to the Dealer the balance of the Purchase Price shown as “Total Settlement Amount”.
3.2 Before taking delivery of the motor vehicle the Customer shall deliver to the Dealer the trade-in vehicle together with all accessories, extras and attachments fitted at the time of valuation. If the trade- in vehicle is not in substantially the same condition as when valued by the Dealer, the parties may negotiate a variation in the nett trade-in allowance or either party may rescind this Contract.
3.3 Until the Dealer has received payment in full of the purchase price, title in the motor vehicle shall not pass to the Customer.
3.4 The Customer shall be deemed not to have paid the purchase price until the Dealer receives clear and unencumbered title to any trade-in vehicle and all other payments are credited to the Dealer’s account.
3.5 Where the Dealer is entitled to reclaim possession of the motor vehicle, the Customer authorises the Dealer, its servants and agents to lawfully enter the Customer’s property for the purposes of retaking possession
4.1 Where the Customer requires finance to be provided for the payment of the motor vehicle, the Customer shall promptly provide the Dealer and/or the Financier with information necessary to allow a determination of the Customer’s finance application.
4.2 Where the Customer advises the Dealer before entering into this Contract that he/she requires credit to be provided for the payment of the motor vehicle and having taken reasonable steps has been unable to obtain credit, the Customer may within a reasonable period by notice in writing given to the Dealer rescind this Contract.
5. Where the Customer refuses or fails to take delivery of the motor vehicle or is otherwise in breach of his/her obligations under this Contract, the Dealer may terminate this Contract by written notice to the Customer.
If that occurs any deposit paid or payable by the Customer to any amount not exceeding 10% of the total Purchase Amount of the vehicle (including all accessories and on road costs and charges) shall be forfeited to the Dealer. Both parties acknowledge that the Dealer shall be entitled to claim by way of pre-estimated liquidated damages from the Customer an amount equal to 10% of the Total Purchase Amount less any deposit forfeited.
6. No warranties apply to this Contract with the exception of any which have been implied pursuant to any Commonwealth or State law and which may not by law be excluded therefrom together with any express warranties, the terms of which are set out herein.
7. Any addition to or variation of these terms and conditions will have no effect unless made in writing and sign.
8. Should the Customer’s circumstances change between signing of this contract and delivery to the point where the customer is no longer able to meet the financial obligations of the purchase, the customer must notify the Dealer in writing.
8.1 Where the customer notifies the dealer prior to the build vehicle arriving at the Dealership they will be entitled to a refund of their deposit less $2500.
8.2 Where the customer notifies the dealer once the vehicle has arrived at the dealership the Dealer shall be entitled to payment not exceeding 10% of the total Purchase Amount of the vehicle (including all accessories and on road costs and charges) shall be forfeited to the Dealer. Both parties acknowledge that the Dealer shall be entitled to claim by way of pre-estimated liquidated damages from the Customer an amount equal to 10% of the Total Purchase Amount less any deposit forfeited.



Your new Rambler comes with two warranties as standard – the Vehicle Warranty that is provided and administered by the vehicle manufacturer and the Rambler Warranty that covers the accessories and modifications to the vehicle.

If at anytime you have an issue or concern and are unsure please contact us on 07 3103 8458


Vehicle Warranty


For all details on your vehicle warranty please refer to the vehicles owners manuals.


Rambler Vehicles Warranty  


Limited Accessory Warranty


Coverage is for the first 3 years or 100,000 km, whichever comes first.


Who to speak to about your Warranty Enquiries


Please contact Rambler Vehicles


Phone: 07 3103 8458

Email: ra*****@bk******.au


Rambler Vehicles Warranty and your rights under the Australian Consumer Law


Our goods and services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. For major failures with the service, you are entitled:


  • to cancel your service contract with us; and
  • to a refund for the unused portion, or to compensation for its reduced value


You are also entitled to choose a refund or replacement for major failures with goods. If a failure with the goods or a service does not amount to a major failure, you are entitled to have the failure rectified in a reasonable time. If this is not done you are entitled to a refund for the goods and to cancel the contract for the service and obtain a refund of any unused portion. You are also entitled to be compensated for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage from a failure in the goods or service.


3 years/100,000 km Limited Warranty Coverage


Rambler Vehicles is committed to ensuring satisfaction with your new vehicle.


From the date of first registration, our Rambler Vehicles 3 years or 100,000 km (whichever comes first) applies.


Any warranty work done on your vehicle, including approved parts and labour are taken care of at no cost to you. This warranty does not substitute or replace the original vehicle warranty provided by the OE manufacturer.


In the case of a demonstrator vehicle, the warranty period starts from the date the vehicle was first placed into service by the Dealer. Your coverage expires at 3 years or 100,000 km, whichever comes first.


Batteries and Lights


Any auxiliary batteries of lights provided are covered for 18 months from first registration regardless of km.




Engine and Transmission is covered by the OE Vehicle Warranty unless the failure is as a direct result of modifications carried out by Rambler Vehicles. In any situation where modification by Rambler Vehicles is suspected to have caused a driveline failure Rambler Vehicles will require a written determination from the OE Manufacturer or their representative.

Rambler Vehicles will arrange upon receipt of written determination an independent third party inspection of the vehicle and if that inspection supports the view of the OE representative will cover appropriate repairs.


What is Not Covered


OE Vehicle


Any Original Equipment is not covered by this warranty nor is any item covered un the factory supplied warranty.


Tyre and Wheel Damage or Wear

Normal tyre wear and tear or wear-out is not covered. Tyre wear is influenced by many variables such as road conditions, driving styles, vehicle weight, and tyre construction. Uneven tyre wear is a normal condition, and it not considered a defect. Road hazard damage such as punctures, cuts, snags, and breaks resulting from pothole impact, kerb impact, or from other objects is not covered. Tyre wear due to misalignment beyond the warranty period is not covered. Also, damage from improper mounting or dismounting, misuse, negligence, alteration, improper repair, accident, collision, fire, vandalism, or misapplication is not covered. Damage to sidewalls caused by automatic car washes or cleaning agents is not covered.



Damage Due to Accident, Misuse, or Alteration


The Rambler Vehicles Warranty does not cover damage caused as a result of the following:

  • Accident, fire, theft, vandalism, or objects striking the vehicle (including inside the vehicle).
  • Misuse of the vehicle such as driving over kerbs, overloading (including towing), racing, or other competition.
  • Operating the vehicle after the defect is known.
  • Alteration or modification to the vehicle by anyone not authorised by Rambler Vehicles.
  • Coverages do not apply if the odometer has been altered, or kilometres cannot be determined.
  • Installation of parts or accessories not recommended by Rambler Vehicles.
  • Water or fluid contamination.
  • Damage resulting from hail, floods, windstorms, lightning, and other environmental conditions.
  • Alteration of glass parts by application of tinting films.


Important: This warranty is void on vehicles currently or previously listed on the “Written off Vehicles Register” in your State or Territory.



Damage Due to Insufficient or Improper Maintenance


Damage caused by failure to follow the recommended maintenance schedule intervals and/or failure to use or maintain proper fluids, or maintain fluids between recommended maintenance intervals, fuel, lubricants, or refrigerants recommended in the Owner’s Manual is not covered.


Damage Due to Impact, Use, or the Environment


Windshield or glass cracks, chips, or scratches due to impact are not covered. Lights, lenses, mirrors, paint, grille, mouldings, and trim are not covered for cracks, chips, scratches, dents, dings, and punctures or tears as a result of impact with other objects or road hazards. In addition, cracks, chips, scratches, or other damage to the face of a radio or instrument cluster from impact or foreign objects are not covered.




Your Rambler Vehicles Warranty does not extend to services such as brake adjustments, brake replacement, replacement of filters, wiper rubbers, etc., which are required as part of normal vehicle maintenance. All vehicles require periodic maintenance. Maintenance services, such as those detailed in the Owner’s Manual are the owner’s expense. Vehicle lubrication, cleaning, or polishing are not covered. Failure of or damage to components requiring replacement or repair due to vehicle use, wear, exposure, or lack or maintenance is not covered.



The Rambler Vehicles Warranty does not cover any damage or failure resulting from modifications, installations, or alterations to the vehicle by anyone not authorised by Rambler Vehicles.