Meet Mal Leeon, an experienced Australian explorer and the latest addition to the Rambler Vehicles Brand Ambassador team. With over 30 years of off-road adventures under his belt, Mal has a passion for all things 4WD and has developed a reputation for his love of exploring Australia’s rugged terrain.

Mal’s passion for exploration is evident in his trusted 79 Series Landcruiser, which has accompanied him on countless adventures across the country. His extensive knowledge and experience in navigating some of Australia’s most remote locations have made him a respected figure in the off-road community.

As a long-term friend of Rambler Vehicles, Mal’s association with the brand is a natural fit. He has always been impressed by the quality and reliability of Rambler vehicles and has no hesitation in recommending them to other adventurers. Mal’s in-depth understanding of the off-road lifestyle, coupled with his close relationship with Rambler Vehicles, make him a valuable asset to the brand.

In addition to his love of off-roading, Mal has a passion for photography. He captures the beauty of Australia’s landscapes, flora and fauna through his lens, and his stunning images are a testament to his artistic flair.