At Rambler Vehicles, customers have the opportunity to build and design their own off-road vehicle, with options for everything from roof racks and awnings to solar panels and kitchen setups. The result is a vehicle that is perfectly suited to the individual’s needs and preferences, whether they’re planning a weekend camping trip or a multi-month expedition.

To showcase the benefits of Rambler Vehicles and the experiences that our customers have had using them, we have created a series of customer testimonial videos. These videos feature real Rambler Vehicle owners sharing their stories and experiences, providing insights into the different ways that these vehicles can be used and customised.

Through these videos, you can get a sense of what it’s like to own and use a Rambler Vehicle, as well as the benefits that come with a fully customised off-road touring vehicle. Whether they’re interested in weekend getaways or more ambitious adventures, these videos can help inspire and inform potential customers as they consider their options.

Mal is a mate of Kris’s and has a 79 of his own. With over 3 decades of 4wd experience and a real passion for traveling he is the perfect brand ambassador for Rambler Vehicles. Come along for a ride in a brand new 79 and listen to Mal’s thoughts compared to his early model 79.

One of our favourite clients – Kaz didn’t really know what she wanted except for the fact that she didn’t want a soccer mums car…. Check out what we delivered and how her and Daz have been enjoying the Rambler Lifestyle

After loosing his much loved 79 in the Lismore Floods in 2022 James was looking for stress free replacement – enter Rambler Vehicles. We were able to design, procure and build the right solution for James. Check out his thoughts on the resulting build.

You have seen it in 4×4 Australia, you have watched the walk around video now see it in action. Brad tells us his thoughts on this Blue Beauty!

Pat walked into one of our retail stores a few years back wanting to talk about GVM upgrades for a new Landcruiser he was looking to buy… what he walked out with was our Rambler Demo build. Fast forward a few years and nearly 100,000km later Pat gives us his thoughts on his Merlot Beauty

Jamie had a clear vision for his new build. As a plumber he is always on call so he needed a build that could serve his needs Monday to Friday but also take him and family bush at a moments notice. This Dmax is the a dual purpose work and touring machine – see what Jamie thinks about it in this video

With more and more focus on GVM’s and the increase in popularity of American Trucks when it come to our new demo the choice was clear! Check out our thoughts on the Big Chev!