Rick “Ricko” Obrien is not just the host of a popular TV program, he is also a proud Rambler Vehicles Brand Ambassador!

Here at Rambler Vehicles, we have been great mates with Rick “Ricko” Obrien for a long, long time. In fact, the sweet Rambler dressed up so sweetly in blue is not even the first vehicle we have built for him! You see Ricko has been in and around the 4WD scene and industry for quite some time.
Going back almost two decades now, Ricko was working in the off-road aftermarket industry before he moved into the publishing world as a magazine journo, photographer, production editor, and even an editor in chief! This morphed into DVD production and presenting, and eventually Ricko began an off-road TV show, The Offroad Adventure Show. The Offroad Adventure Show is still going strong on Channel Ten to this day, but after 6 seasons of heading up the show as co-Executive Producer and host, he moved on to a new project, a brand-new TV show called Australia ReDiscovered with Ricko.

“After six seasons of the show, I felt it was time for a change” Ricko told us. He went on to say, “One of the things that has interested me for a long time is early Australian history – the stories are almost always so interesting and entertaining, and I really wanted to combine the passion I have for travelling and exploring Australia with the stories that have captivated me for so long, and thus, Australia ReDiscovered was born!”

“One of the things that has interested me for a long time is early Australian history!”

Ricko explained how his association with Rambler Vehicles came to be. “I have known Kris and the team for a long time, as I have been in and around the industry for almost as long as these boys have. With my background in magazine and content creation, Kris reached out to chat about doing some stuff for Rambler Vehicles, and I cheekily suggested that it would be a lot easier to create content if he were to provide me with one! It just so happened that we were in the latter stages of preparing pre-production for the second season of Australia ReDiscovered, and having a Rambler-built vehicle as the real star of the show just made sense. The rest as they say, is history!”
Season two of Australia ReDiscovered with Ricko kicks off on 7mate from August 6th, and there you will see “Rambo the Rambler” front and centre in every episode as Ricko travels the country sharing some of his favourite Australian stories from our past!